Essential gear

These don’t take up much room, but can make a huge difference.

  • Flashlight with spare batteries. Many who get lost, simply ran out of daylight
  • Fire making kit. Can be vital in a serious situation. It provides, warmth, signalling, keeping animals away.
  • Signalling device, such as a whistle & large orange plastic bag.
  • Extra food and water. Water is more important than food, but food can provide comfort.
  • Extra clothing
  • Rain and wind protection, especially on the west coast!
  • Navigational/communication devices
  • Map and compass a minimun
  • First aid kit
  • Emergency blanket/shelter. A large orange plastic bag will work and doubles as a rain jacket.
  • Pocket knife
  • Sun & insect protection.
  • And don’t forget to add other equipment specific to your chosen activity, season and location.

For more information, visit Adventure Smart’s guide.