Plan to be safe

No one ever plans to get into trouble outdoors.

But a turn in the weather, a mistake in judgment, equipment failure, sudden nightfall or an unexpected injury can change any recreational outing into a crisis.

Training & preparation

Be sure you have (or get) the proper training to do your planned activity.
Get the proper knowledge and skills you need, BEFORE you head out.

Check out the Adventure Smart website for lots of good tips.

Trip planning

  • Plan your travel route (know the terrain!)
  • Check for current conditions of the trail
  • Check the weather (past, current, & forecast)

Tell someone where you will be

  • Leave word with a trustworthy person about:
    • your planned activity
    • who you are with
    • your starting point, destination & route
    • your expected return time
    • the time that your friend should call 911 if you do not check in by
  • Use this trip plan template to make sure you don’t forget anything
  • At a minimum, leave a note on your dashboard and fill out any trail or cabin logs as you go.


  • Pack the essentials & know how to use them
  • Add any other equipment for your specific activity, season, and/or location